Frequently Asked Questions

What is CarrierDepot?
CarrierDepot is a site that provides carriers, brokers, and shippers with fast and easy to use tools to determine optimum truckload rates and equipment availability for greater profitability.
How much does it cost to use CarrierDepot's services?
The prices fluctuate based on the services the user wants to utilize. It costs $29.95 per month for a single user, this includes access to all the standard sections of the website. Additional details can be found on the Services page or by contacting us using the Contact page.
What are some of these initialisms used on the site?
FSC or Fuel Surcharge is a cost that truckload carriers charge their customers to help offset the cost of fuel.
DOE Fuel is the standard average diesel price based on a region calculated by the Department of Energy weekly.
Short Miles vs Practical Miles, what is the difference?
Short Mileage is a listing of the shortest possible route from an origin to a destination.
Practical Mileage is a listing of the realistic mileage for a route from an origin to a destination.