Rate Index Demo

1. Choose the type of equipment, resolution, and fuel you want to use for the calculation.
2. Choose a Origin and Destination.
3. Calculate!Den to Dal
The Market Statistics Table gives you the basic statistics you need for the haul.

Den to Dal stats
If you want to calculate the load by short miles, you can click the radio button to
 the left of short miles and the totals will be recalculated.
Den to Dal short
If you want more detailed information, click the 'Use Wiz Calculator' Button.
The Trucklate Rate Wizard and Calculator will appear.
Den to Dal calc
This table shows the low, TPI (Truckload Price Index), and high for the load.
You can use the calculator to enter different combinations of rates.
You can enter:
-CPM rate and fuel
-Dollars rate and fuel
-or both the dollar and the CPM

Look through the examples below to see how data can be entered.

Den to Dal cpm
Dal to Den Dolalrs
Den to Dal full